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  1. K510 Dual-Effect Front Stage Processor

    The K510 Professional KTV pre-effector using 32-bit high performance DSP and AD/DA,24-bit/48K digital.
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  2. Home Theatre&Karaoke Front Effector Processor

    K6+ Home Theatre&Karaoke Front Effector Processor
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  3. A8 Sound Card Front Effector Processor

    A8 front effector processor,32Bit DSP ,with sound card,broadband,good dynamic,richness sound.
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  4. PD Series Digital Audio Signal Processor

    2in4out2in6out3in6out4in8out Digital Audio Signal Processor
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  5. K990 Processor+Pre-Stage Effector

    K990 Processor+Pre-Stage Effector
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  6. X6L Processor+Pre-Stage Effector

    X6L Processor+Pre-Stage Effector
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