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  1. TK Series Muilt-channel Digital amplifier

    The TK series is a compact multi-channel professional power amplifier designed for fixed installation occasions such as dedicated high-end
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  2. FP Series Class-TD Professional Amplifier

    This is Class-TD professional power amplifier
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  3. DE Series Digital Power Amplifier

    Product Introduction DE series are the most cost-effective products in the switching power supply amplifier. The chassis is 1.5U height ,With its stable power output, Innocent and natural sound quality and complete power, it is widely used in small and medium-sized theaters, conference halls, hotel lobbies, bars, small and medium-sized mobile performance and karaoke and other occasions.
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  4. Professional 4-in-1 Effect Amplifier for Karaoke

    Professional 4-in-1 power amplifier,which is integrates karaoke jukebox,power amplifier,pre-stage effector and microphone,you can enjoy Karaoke at home.
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  5. DT Series 2U Digital amplifier

    DT series is a digital power amplifier which is designed for 2U with stable performance and exquisite appearance
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  6. TM Series Class H Professional amplifier

    TM series is a high-performance power amplifier which is designed for extremely high sound quality venues
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  7. TC Series Professional amplifier

    This is a power amplifier tailored for entertainment projects such as KTV, bars, and nightclubs. it has excellent performance also in other small and medium-sized sound reinforcement systems which requires high sound quality.
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