Feedback Suppressor

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  1. AFS6 Professional Digital Feedback Suppressor

    The AFS6 feedback suppression system has the function of fully automatic detection of ready-made howling points, and the sound is filtered through the DSP system, which can effectively suppress the noise at a high speed, and effectively improve the sound pressure and clarity of the local sound reinforcement.
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  2. AFS333 Fully Automatic Feedback Suppressor

    AFS333 Fully Automatic Feedback Suppressor can suppress the howling which is caused by acoustic feedback in the sound system
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  3. AFS555 24Points Feedback Suppressor

    AFS555 24Points Feedback Suppressor.Solving the howling problem for your sound system
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  4. AFS8 24Point Feedback Suppressor

    The DSP series of digital feedback suppressors are designed for conference systems and are not only suitable for conference rooms, churches, star hotels, auditoriums, conference centers, multi-function halls, and digital court applications.
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